Barron Spotlighters Theater Group Fundraising Challenge

Local theater group Barron Spotlighters has had a golden opportunity present itself, but with a limited time frame. The theater group based in Barron, WI, has a fundraising challenge of raising $3,000 by the end of November, and a generous friend of Barron Spotlighters, Jack Nessen, is willing to match these funds on a 3-to-1 basis. That means that if the Spotlighters raise the $3,000 they are seeking, this friend of the theater group will donate an additional $9,000.

“This was a totally unexpected offer that we received from Jack Nessen and his family in the middle of our last show, ‘100 Lunches: A Gourmet Comedy’,” says Dave Blumer, board member of Barron Spotlighters. “Even though we have a short timeframe to raise the funds we are seeking, we are confident that we will be able to reach this goal. Anyone who donates can be assured that their donation will be matched three-fold by Jack’s generosity.”

Barron Spotlighters is a 501(c)(3) corporation, meaning that any donations received are tax deductible. They are asking for any and all financial help in reaching their $3,000 goal. Any questions or inquiries can be directed to [email protected].