The Barron Spotlighters Board of Directors is an entirely volunteer board.  We are always looking for talent to join the Spotlighters in various capacities, and that includes serving on the board of directors.  If you would like to be considered for a seat on the board of directors, please Contact Us and let us know about your interest.

Below are the current board members.  Our Board of Directors help to shape the future of the Spotlighters by working to bring different productions to the theater, as well as help out throughout the year with different activities.

Board Members:

Ann Leistikow – President

David Blumer – Vice President

Beth Halverson – Secretary

Loren Amdall – Treasurer

Steve Demars

Elizabeth Rucinski

Patti Etchison

Derrick Rodgers

Bryce Rodgers

Jeannine Zook

Darren Kirby