To Our Valued Supporters

Covid has changed life in numerous ways for all of us. Each day brings questions as to what else is going to happen. Fortunately, we have some bright spots on the horizon. It hasn’t been easy, but the Barron Spotlighters are still here and we are looking forward to the time that we can once again take the stage and perform. We enjoy providing an escape to different worlds, different times, different places, but we need your help.

As you can imagine, putting on performances takes a lot of different resources. From building sets to sewing costumes, running the sound equipment and a hundred other smaller things, each show takes the tireless efforts of dozens of volunteers. But even with the generous time our volunteers give, we still need the money to do all of these things. Normally we rely on our ticket sales to generate the bulk of the funds needed each season, but this year has prevented us from performing, meaning we haven’t had any funds generated.

Our hope is to continue to be providers of great theater. However, we will not be able to do this without financial support from the community that we call home. We understand that this year has been tough for everyone, but in order to continue we need your support. Please consider donating to the Barron Spotlighters, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You can send donations to 800 Memorial Drive, Barron, WI  54812.