Barron Spotlighters Theater Group Ends Fundraising Challenge By Surpassing Goal

Local theater group Barron Spotlighters recently held a fundraising challenge of trying to raise $3,000 by the end of November. A generous donor had agreed to match these funds on a 3-to-1 basis. What ended up happening was that the theater group was able to more than double their goal, to the surprise of everyone involved.

“We thought that we were setting ourselves a pretty high bar to hit, and would be challenged to reach it,” says Spotlighters board member Darren Kirby. “We knew that we had support in the area for live theater, but this blew everyone away with the generosity of the community.”

In the end, the generous donor matched the 3-to-1 on the original pledge of $3,000, plus added an extra $1,000 to it. The final fundraising tally was more than $17,000. The theater group has set aside these funds and will discuss how best to use them. Some of the funds will be used to upgrade their sound equipment to benefit all future shows and audiences. The community can learn more about the Barron Spotlighters by visiting their brand new website at