Final Weekend of Neil Simon’s Comedy The Odd Couple by Barron Spotlighters Starts Friday

The final weekend for seeing the Barron Spotlighters production of Neil Simon’s comedy “The Odd Couple” starts this Friday with a 7:30pm performance. Saturday also sees a 7:30pm performance, and Sunday’s show is at 2:30pm. All performances will happen at the Barron Area Community Center in the theater.

Audience reactions are overwhelmingly positive. Reviews on Facebook include comments such as: “…It was hilarious. Actors were great! It’s a must see!”, “Fun show! We enjoyed the production.”, and “Great show!…”. The community is encouraged to see this classic comedy that still holds up decades after it was first penned. Advance tickets can be purchased through the Spotlighters website,, or tickets are also available the day of each show at the box office. Tickets are $16 each for any of the six shows.

“The Odd Couple” is a comedy that chronicles the unconventional relationship between friends turned roommates, Oscar Madison and Felix Ungar. Throughout the course of the play, slovenly Oscar and fastidious Felix rub each other the wrong way, leading to hilarious outcomes. Their friends mean well but also provide comic relief during their poker games. This original play spawned two different television shows featuring the same characters, as well as movies and an all-female version of the play.