Barron Spotlighters and the Rice Lake Senior Center Announces a Special Fundraising Event

The Barron Spotlighters theater group is teaming up with the Rice Lake Senior Center to help with their community fundraising event this fall. Together they will be putting on the murder mystery dinner titled “Last Breath at the Gin Mill”. This special fundraising performance will be held on Saturday, October 7, starting at 6pm at the Rice Lake Senior Center.

The year is 1922 and the act of prohibition has forced all drinking establishments to close. Without easy access to liquor and establishments, “Speakeasies” such as the Gin Mill have sprung up all over the country. It’s a usual night at the Gin Mill – until, that is, the biggest organized crime boss and mobster in the city, Bulletproof Bill Mahoney, is found dead! Suddenly, the patrons find themselves suspects in a murder investigation that has to be kept “hush hush” in order to keep the coppers away and the speakeasy open!

Attendees are encouraged to dress up in their best mobster suit or flapper dress. Prizes will drawn for those who have the best costume as well as for those who guess the murderer correctly. This is an opportunity for the community to support an organization that provides a number of different services to the seniors in the Rice Lake area. Tickets are available at the Rice Lake Senior Center for $50 per person, cash or check only. For more details please call the Rice Lake Senior Center at 715-234-7224.